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Zikr and Muraqbah

Zikr and Muraqbah

Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem

Was Salaat O Salaam O Ala Rasool E Hil Kareem


You can start doing the Zikr of Allah from the heart as prescribed below. Please also review here.

There are basically at least two ways to remember Allah Pak. The Zikr of Allah Pak which can be done all of the time is the Zikr from the Qalb.

i. Zikr Bil Lisaan (using the tongue such as Reciting Ayahs, Duas, Darood Shareef, kalima etc.)

ii. Zikr Bil Qalb (Without using the tongue and hidden from other people)

In Ahadith e Mubarak, it is narrated that this Zikr, which is khafi/hidden from even the Hifza Malaika (companion angels) is 70 times better than the Zikr by the tongue.

(i.e. If you say the Illustrious Word "Allah" with the tongue and then the same with the Heart, the one with the Qalb is 70 times better, as it has no chance of  showoff etc

The complete way of doing this Zikr is as below. The Qur'an E Hakeem orders us to request Zikr from the Ahluz Zikr.

Supplemental exercises for learning:

How to remember Allah (God) in the heart? All praise is for Allah whose Blessings are the Ones, which settle all of our problems. Hu’s name, no doubt, is the key to attaining Hu’s affection merely. I allow you as well as your family to do Zikr, as it is a kind of Zikr which one does not achieve without getting proper guidance for it. Al-Qur'an: Translation: Before thee, also, the apostles We sent were but men, to whom We granted inspiration. Seek from the Ahluz Zikr, if ye do not know. Now I am writing you the method of committing Zikr. By acting upon it, you shall certainly be blessed with great success in the world and in Hereafter as well Insha Allah Ho Ta Ala. As you are very eager to achieve the love of Allah, you can attain this by performing Zikr (the remembrance of Allah). Our Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) is reported to have said, “The door of Allah’s love is his remembrance”. Those whosoever wanted to achieve the love and closeness of Allah have themselves acted upon Allah’s commands and they achieved it through Zikr of Allah. It is mentioned in a Hadith e Mubarak that a person’s heart has two chambers, in one of them an angel dwells and in the other one a Satan lives. When the servant of Allah performs Hu’s Remembrance, the angel fills the heart with love for Allah and love for good deeds, and by offering good deeds the person becomes a Friend of Allah but if the person does not remember Allah (in the heart), then the Satan fills the heart with love of sins (and continuing it leads to) the person becoming a friend of Satan. (Ma’az Allah) May Allah enable us to perform Hu’s Zikr and abstain from ignorance of Zikr as well as evil thoughts and evil deeds. A lot of Salawaat (Peace) be upon the Prophet of Allah whose personality has been a Divine Blessing for the whole creations. We pray to Allah that He enables us to emulate the examples of His Prophet. There are two main types of Zikr,

1. By tongue

2. By heart.

The example of Zikr bil lisaan or using the tongue is the recitation of the Holy Quran, recitation of the Kalima or other supplications or names of Allah using the tongue.

However, the second method of remembering Allah as mentioned above, which I would like to make you aware of, is the Zikr by means of the heart. This is mentioned in ahadith e Mubarak that the hidden Zikr not apparent to even the angels is seventy times superior to the Zikr which is apparent to them i.e. The one using tongue.

Sheikh Sa’adi Rehmat Ullah E Ta Ala says as to it that Allah blesses the capability to do Zikr by tongue to Hu’s ordinary servants, but to His loving servants, Allah enables them to do Zikr by heart.

One cannot do any task until or unless one acquires knowledge regarding the task from the expert of the field. It is an order given to us from the Holy Quran to seek the Zikr from those who are well aware of the Zikr if you do not know.

The procedure of performing Zikr by heart is as follows:

The place of the heart of man or woman normally rests on the left side of the chest, two fingers (width i.e. around 3-4 cm) beneath the point of the chest.

The heart is the center of love for Allah. It comes in Hadith e Mubarak that the heart of a believer is the abode of Allah. But even a weak sinful person such as myself would not sit on a dirty chair or live in an unclean house, then how can the Creator Allah Who is is pure (High and Exalted) live in such a heart?

Allah does not enter the impure and polluted hearts. Our hearts are abundant with spiritual diseases such as Jealousy, Malice, Hypocrisy, Prejudice and the liking for wrong doings/adultery etc. These impurities and diseases such as those mentioned above, make our hearts dirty, unclean and impure. Unless our hearts become clean, they cannot become the abode of Allah. Now, when we know this, how do we clean our hearts? It comes from ahadith e Mubraika that guides us the way of purifying our hearts that

"There is a tool to make anything clean, and the tool to clean the hearts is the Remembrance (Zikr) of Allah."


Please pay your attention fully in order to understand the following method of this Zikr by means of which, you shall be able to achieve closeness to Allah, in neither months nor years rather in a matter of days (if you would perform it regularly according to the given instructions Insha Allah)

This is the Zikr of heart. All of the time, every moment of your life, whether sitting, standing, lying, walking, eating, drinking, studying, teaching or doing anything else. Listen to your heart and hear that it says, Allah Allah Allah.

Let me give you an example to explain it still further to you. While walking in hot weather, one feels thirsty, but any intelligent person would not say water, water, water, rather one only feels the thirst. In the same manner, keep this thought that your heart is like a parrot (Since parrots repeat again and again whatever they are taught), which is speaking Allah, Allah, Allah, In the beginning, you will feel it like the pulse of the heart. But with the passage of time, if you would be regular in performing this Zikr and Muraqbah, you shall Insha Allah feel that the sound changes into clear Allah, Allah, Allah.

In addition to this, forgetting Allah’s love very fast, Muraqbah (Meditation) is very necessary. Muraqbah is a specific method of Zikr. By adopting this method of performing Zikr, you will surely be able to get the blessings of Allah very soon. When the Rasool Ullah Sall Allah Ho Alaihe Wa Sallam used to pray in the cave of Hira, what was that prayer? If you would recall, it wasn’t salaat or the Holy Qur'an as none of these was given at that time. The prayer at that time was what is technically termed as Muraqbah i.e. remembering Allah with full concentration.

Whenever you have time, no matter, whether it is in the morning, noon, or even in the evening or night, furthermore it may be for anytime, no matter, how much even if you get a single minute of free time. Also, there is no obligation of being in ablution/wudu. If it is there, it is good otherwise, there is no compulsion.

Whether you are at home, in a mosque, at travelling or alone in office etc., close your eyes and bow down you head, raise your knees, cover your head with a cloth for having concentration (Although neither the cloth nor sitting in this position is mandatory), do Tawbah (seek forgiveness) for all of your sins, as to err is in the nature of common humans. (It is in common human nature to sin and make mistakes.) Only the Prophets of Allah are innocent, other than them none is innocent/sinless. Whosoever calls the Prophets to be sinful is out of luck,

Even the friends of Allah do not claim to be completely innocent. (But till the time, they remember Allah, they are protected as in the Ahadith E Mubarak)

So lucky is the one who does Tawba (Repentance) before his death. Once a person see his/her death, then there is no Tawba But if before death, it is from a Hadith, "If any servant of Allah fills the space between the sky and the earth with his sins and asks for forgiveness afterwards with heart, resulting Allah changes the person’s sins into good deeds".

Keep doing Zikr all the time and whenever you get any free time, even if for a minute, perform muraqabah. By the Grace of Allah, within few days you would feel that your heart is saying continuously Allah, Allah, Allah.

And this is the Zikr, for whom, when even the Zakir (he who commits Zikr) dies, but his heart will not die. It will keep calling Allah, Allah, Allah, … for good.

Be punctual in your prayers and make your subservient punctual in saying prayers too, as it is your religious and moral obligation, and you will be asked about it on the Day of Judgment if you are negligent of your duty. Do your duty and inform them.

There are many punishments for those who miss prayers intentionally. Everyone, who gives up even one of five salah, is not a Salah-abiding (Nimaazee) person.

There are three punishments in the world for a such a person.

1. The person will get no satisfaction his life will be spent in tension.

2. The person’s soul will be taken out very severely.

3. At the time of death, the person will be so much thirsty that even if he/she will be made drink the water of rivers, he/she will not be satiated.

There are three punishments of the grave:

1. The grave will press him in such a way that his ribs will be overlapped.

2. His grave will be made the furnace of Hell.

3. A snake will be set over in his grave, which will keep stinging. If this snake stings the earth, it will lose the ability to grow greenery forever.

There are three punishments of the Day of Judgment:

1. When he will be raised from his grave, Allah will blacken his face.

2. The account of his doings will be given in his left hand. On seeing this that he has become one for the hellfire, he will start eating his hand till his elbow. He will eat up (and he will continue to eat.) But then Allah Shall say "Be there" and so that arm shall re-grow. And this will be signed for of his abode to be in the Hell.

3. His good doings will not be accepted by Allah Pak.

Besides these, being Muslims we are not allowed to be bareheaded. Hazrat Abdullah Ibne Umar says, “The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) disliked the bare-headed.” Covering head with cap (topi) or handkerchief is necessary, but during prayer, a turban is Sunnah of the beloved Lord (peace be upon him). It is a Hadith; “The reward of a prayer with a turban is 25 times more than the prayer without a turban.” Keeping beard is Sunnah of the Madni Sovereign (peace be upon him). It should be equal to four fingers in size, not less than this. Getting it cut or shortening it is a major sin. But don’t worry, do the Zikr of Allah, I have told you and perform muraqabah in free times. If you do so (with regularity) Allah willing, it will be easy for you to act upon Sharia. The ladies should do Purdah (veil). It is obligatory to every woman, Putting Surman (antimony) in her eyes; a woman cannot go before Those whom she needs to have Pardah, or in other words whom she can be married to.) If she does so, she will be plunged into the Hell for 500 years. At the time of last breath, Hazrat Fatima called Hazrat Ali, her husband, and said, “O Ali you know that no one has seen my clothes (“No one” here means those whom she needed to have hijab from), when I die, do my burial ceremony at night, so that no one can see my shroud. These were the words of the chief lady of the Paradise at the time of the last gasp. May Allah enable us that we prepare ourselves to lead the lives in accordance with the examples showed by these holy companions of Madni lord (peace be upon him). After Allah and his Prophet (peace be upon him) for a woman, the holiest relation is of her husband. She must obey her husband’s every order with the exception of those, which are against religion. The woman, who does not carry out husband’s orders, Allah will not accept any of her virtues. The Lord of the two universes said, “When any woman pleases her husband, fulfilling religious duties”. Allah will say, “My Paradise has got eight doors, I have opened all ones, you can enter the paradise from where you wish to.” Everyone should know that all these things could be achieved through Zikr. All time keep thinking that your heart says Allah, Allah, Allah… If Allah willing, in some days your heart will be illuminated and alive, you will be punctual of prayers. Your grave will be made an Eden. Allah and his Prophet (peace be upon him) will be pleased by you and you will be successful in this life and in the Hereafter. May Allah keep us always on the right path. (Amin)





The name of God in Arabic. The same name is now in use in the Holy Qur'an as well as the Arabic Bible

Awlia Allah

The Friends of Allah


Physically this is a point located at the place where the tip of the heart touches the chest (5th Intercostal space). What it means, however, is something related to the spiritual aspect of the human being and is one of the Latif of Aalam e Amr.


Plural Lataif. Lateefa is a term for "something very light". What it refers to is the concept of an element of the human being. Elements are considered to be of two kinds: Aalam e Amr (Refers to the set of universes formed instantaneously without physical dimensions by just the order (Amr)of Allah).and Aalam e-Khalq (Refers to the universe of dimensions so this seems to coincide with the four elemental states viz. Solid Liquid Gas and Plasma) as well as Nafs.

The 10 Lataif as explained by various Awlia Allah are considered to be:

Aalam e Amr: Qalb, soul, Sirr, Khafi, Ikhfaa,

Aalam e Khalq: Solid, liquid, gas, plasma/fire as well as ego.



Zikr e Khafi 

Hidden Zikr without using the tongue as mentioned in the Holy Qur'an and Sunnah in several places.

Zikr bil Lisaan

Zikr with the use of the tongue. This is also mentioned in the Holy Qur'an and Sunnah in several places. As a matter of fact, it is a must for the recitation of the Holy Qur'an during prayers.


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